Hundred HeArts

100 Heart themed pieces (HeArtworks) will be shown and offered to the public. Why is this different from other fundraisers? Lots of ways. We know artists are constantly asked for donations of their work. We also know that original art can be expensive and exclusive. But we want everyone with as little as $25 , $50, or $100, do be able to own one. So to that end we split 50/50 the sale with the artist. It isn't much but we hope you will play knowing exactly what the sale price will be in advance (no disappointing silent auctions). It is important that this is fun (no pressure and no huge investment). There will be 50 small works approx 6", 25 med that are approx 8-12", and larger work about 15". Finished work is collected, photographed and promoted in advance showings. Sponsorships of artist's pieces are available to assist the project for the love of helping artists and the posting of your business info before and during show time.